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Courtney Poor – Maker, designer, thinker.


Branding & Identity

Content Creation


Digital Media

In Progress :

Brand Marketing Designer at Second Helpings

Communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate audience. 

Create marketing campaigns for Corks and Forks, Tonic Ball, and other company events.

Create visual concepts, by hand or using computer software.

Develop overall layouts and designs for advertisements, brochures, magazines, events, and appeals.


I am really interested in graphic novels and video games. Lately I have been learning how to digitally manipulate illustrations on my laptop and iPad to create some really cool graphics. I am currently working on digitizing a lot of previously drawn illustrations from all of my sketchbooks. Each drawing is being taken in to illustrator and then into ProCreate on my iPad pro. After I get it to a happy place with the image I have been putting them into photoshop for any final touches with the color. I would like to eventually start using this method to make graphic novels or short comics. Follow my illustration page on instagram ( @poorillustrations ) for a better idea of what I am up to!